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Ivy and the Insectoid Reboot

I'm finishing up my redo of Ivy now with an encounter with the insectoid monster. I suppose I've seen far too much weird hentai than is good for me but I love forced impregnation, especially with weird monsters or eggs. I know a lot more about Vray shaders than when I made my original Ivy sets, and I think this turned out to be much better.

The insectoid takes Ivy by surprise. It could sense her powerful magic energy from far away, just what it needs to accomplish its goal.

There is no escape as the beast prepares to violate her. It clicks its mandibles with perverted anticipation.

This creature's species never stays on the ground for long. Its mighty claws hold onto Ivy as it flies away, having it's way with her at the same time. Ivy's smooth belly expands as she is pumped full of the insectoid's eggs.

Ivy wakes up in pain, she does not know how long she has been asleep. Has it been days, weeks? She has little magic energy as it has been used to grow vile eggs from the creature against her will. The eggs are now hatching into larvae inside of her and forcing her cervix open to get out. There is nothing she can do now but push the squirming things out of her body.

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