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Samantha vs. the Cyborg

Time for my next set, I'm kind of OCD when it comes to getting more than one angle so there is a little padding.
I'm not much of a writer but I thought I'd add this to the set:

In the year 2313 the boundaries between man and machine have degraded to an incomprehensible blur as trans-humanist movements artificially propel man's evolution forward through integration with digital systems. Purist groups seek to re-separate the organic and electronic and are now losing a solar system-wide war against the Collective: a power-hungry legion of cyborgs who serve an AI hive mind.

Commander Samantha Summers lands on the loading dock of a derelict freighter for a routine scout mission. Years of warfare scouting with her jet pack and Rix, a companion scouting A.I., have made her a bit complacent. After a quick look around she is about to leave when a hulking machine seems to appear from nowhere. Samantha quickly attempts to out-maneuver the monstrous figure before it can hone its cannons on her but is subdued by its surprising lightening-fast speed. The cyborg has her arms before she can even reach her gun.

After subduing Commander Summers the cyborg seems to slow down, as if taking its time in a very non-machine-like way. After unceremoniously stripping off her suit the cyborg holds her up by the arms, as if to admire its new prize. Samantha was sure now that a malevolent human mind operated within the depths of this electronic hulk, and that scared her more than any A.I. ever could. Rix whirred around unhelpfully making an occasional squawk. He was designed for scouting, not combat,  and if the cyborg noticed him it did not make any sign. Rix decided to wait until Samantha had freed herself and take a recording in the meantime.

Samantha hears a new mechanical sound behind her, and feels something hard, cold, and huge between her legs. The object seemed to have a coating of ice cold oily substance, and looked like some kind of complex probe device. As the probe started putting pressure upward between her legs, Samantha made the horrifying realization of what was happening to her. Rix chirped unhelpfully.

With a numbing jolt the prob was deep inside her, doing what Samantha could only guess. Powerfully fast vibrations and electricity rocked her from head to toe. With what little rational thought she had left Samantha supposed that if she wasn't so numb, this would be very painful. Perhaps she was being tested...and then blackness.

When Samantha awoke she was no longer in the grip of the malevolent cyborg, but seemed to be far more restrained. She knew of some of the nefarious uses the Collective had for human flesh, from satisfying what human desires remained to experimentation to advance their cause. Rix was nowhere to be seen or heard, perhaps he had gone back to HQ  to notify the command of recent events. As her vision returned she realized that the menacing cyborg was next to her, still silent, and in front of her was another kind of probe on the end of a robotic tentacle, its purpose she could only begin to guess at...

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